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We provide links to widely used datasets to help researchers locate relevant data for their empirical studies. Search by topic or keywords. If you would like to add a link to a dataset in the Data Depot, please fill out the following form: Four Corners' Data Depot Contribution. Our team reviews submissions regularly to ensure quality and updates the Data Depot with submissions once they are approved.

Data Depot: Collections

Aggregate Short Interest Index

Aggregate short interest is a strong predictor of aggregate stock returns as shown in Rapach, Ringgenberg, and Zhou (2016).

Fama-French Factors and Portfolios

The Fama-French factors are commonly used to risk adjust returns. Data comes from Kenneth French's website.

Speculation Sentiment Index

The Speculation Sentiment Index (SSI) is a proxy for market-wide, uninformed, gambling-like demand measured from Leveraged ETF flows. SSI is used in "Speculation Sentiment" by Shaun William Davies and published at the Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis.

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